Introducing the Exciting Turkish Series Yabani

Introducing the Exciting Turkish Series Yabani

Yabani is a super cool romantic drama series that tells the story of how life can suddenly change and bring people together. It features some awesome young Turkish stars like Sima Barlas and Khaled Özgur Sari. Get ready for an amazing adventure!

Details Turkish Series Yabani

  • Name: Yabani (wild – street)
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Product: 2023
  • Country: Turkey
  • Broadcast day: three nights
  • Broadcasting channel: Fox Türkiye
  • Producer: Fateh Aksoy, Mehmet Yigit Alp
  • Production company: NTC Medya
  • Director: M. Chaati Tosun
  • Author: Ander Gondozello
Introducing the Exciting Turkish Series Yabani
Introducing the Exciting Turkish Series Yabani


Yabani stars some amazing actors and actresses, including:

  • Khalid Ozgur Sari
  • Simai Barlas
  • Bertan Aslani
  • Dolonay Switzerland
  • Yordair Okor
  • Osman Elkash
  • Shabnam Hasnisoghi
  • Sarai Ozkan
  • Ramiz Malamosa
  • Rozhbin Jordan
  • Sezer Arikai
  • Aishgol Onsal
  • Birgol Olusoi
  • Gorai Gorkam

Turkish Series Yabani : The Story

Yaman, the main character, has been living on the streets for as long as he can remember. He has created a little family with his friends Jesour, Asi, and Omut, who he met when they were all kids. They don’t know why they ended up on the streets, but they have chosen to leave their past behind and stick together. Even though life is tough, they find happiness in each other’s company.

Their biggest concern is Omut’s health. They are hopeful that a foreign doctor, who is known as a miracle worker, can help Omut walk again. However, this doctor only comes to Turkey once a year and can only see a limited number of patients. Plus, the examination fee is a huge amount of money that these kids have never seen before.

One day, while collecting paper, Yaman meets Roya and Alaz, two spoiled kids. Little does he know that helping them will take him on an incredible journey that will bring back memories of his own lost childhood.

The Theme

Yabani explores the differences between the rich and the poor. It shows how someone’s life can change dramatically in an instant. This theme is often controversial but very interesting, especially for the middle social class in Turkey. Simai Barlas plays a different role in this series, and Khaled Ozgur Sari takes on his second important TV role.

About the Actors

Simai Barlas recently appeared in the series Omar in a guest role, and Khaled Ozgur Sari has been seen in shows like Mahramane and Teriss Private. Both actors have gained popularity in the last few years and are super talented.

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