Introducing the Exciting Turkish Series Bambaşka Biri “Another Person”

Introducing the Exciting Turkish Series Bambaşka Biri "Another Person"

“Another Person” (Bambaşka Biri) is a thrilling crime and romantic drama series that features popular Turkish stars like Burak Deniz and Hande Erchel. It combines elements of drama, romance, and crime to create an engaging storyline.

Key Details Turkish Series Bambaşka Biri “Another Person”

  • Name: Bambaşka Biri (Another Person)
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Crime
  • Product: 2023
  • Country: Turkey
  • Broadcast Day: Monday nights
  • Broadcasting Channel: Fox Türkiye
  • Producer: Tims&B
  • Director: Neslihan Yishilivort
  • Author: Atem Ozishik (screenplay), Onor Shaner and Luqman Maral (story)


The series features talented actors including Hande Ercel, Burak Deniz, Jam Davaran, Begum Akakaya, Ughur Ozunel, Menderes Samangilar, and Asli Orjan.

Introducing the Exciting Turkish Series Bambaşka Biri "Another Person"
Introducing the Exciting Turkish Series Bambaşka Biri “Another Person”

The Story

The series revolves around the brutal murder of Hamdi Atil in the forest. This event brings together the lives of young prosecutor Leila (Hande Erchel), who seeks to establish order in her personal and professional life, and ambitious journalist Kanaan (Burak Deniz), who is always in the spotlight. Little do they know that this murder will not only turn their love life upside down but also reveal hidden truths.

Leila’s Journey

Leila Gediz, a prosecutor who has just returned to Istanbul, takes on a murder case that shakes the entire country. As the case progresses, she faces an unexpected blow when the names of people she trusts are mentioned. Leila is left questioning who she can trust and who she cannot.

Kanaan’s Involvement

Kanaan, the son of Turan, a prominent Turkish public prosecutor, is also closely interested in the case. As fate constantly brings Kanaan and Leila together, they must resist their attraction to each other and work together to uncover the truth. However, they are unaware of the killer’s proximity. Will the killer be seen as a villain or a hero when their motives are revealed? And what awaits Leila and Kanaan at the end of this conflict?

Ambitious Characters

Leila and Kanaan, both driven by their ambitions, find themselves caught in a web of conflicting interests. Despite their initial suspicions, Kanaan is captivated by the beautiful and determined prosecutor. However, Leila remains cautious of Kanaan, who often hides information for his own journalistic gain. But as Leila encounters a stranger, many things start to make sense to her.

Exciting Premiere

The series marks the return of Hande Erchel, known for her role in “To Derm Ra Bazen,” and Burak Deniz, who has appeared in productions like “Shah Maran” and the film “Don’t Leave Me.” The first episode of “Another Person” premiered on Monday, September 20, 1402, on Fox Turkey. Based on teasers and trailers, the audience has given the series a score of 7.8 out of 10.

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