Hande Ercel New Series: Bambaşka Biri

Hande Erchel's New Series: Bambaşka Biri

Hande Ercel has taken social media by storm with her new series, Bambaşka Biri (Another Person). Fans of Hande Erchel were thrilled to see her back on TV and flooded the virtual space with their support. Turkish and foreign fans alike expressed their excitement for the series, which premiered on Monday.

A Popular Teaser

The teasers for Bambaşka Biri have been widely discussed and loved. The first episode aired on Fox TV on September 11, 20 September. The series revolves around the character of Kenan Ozturk, a reporter and news TV host played by Burak Deniz.

Hande Erchel’s Likable Character

Hande Ercel’s character, prosecutor Leila, has also gained popularity. Viewers have praised her as a strong and bold fighter. The series has generated over 220 thousand shares on Twitter with the hashtag #bambaşkabiri, and the hashtag #handeerçel has been shared over 70 thousand times.

Fans’ Reactions

Many fans have expressed their love for the series, praising the chemistry between Hande Erchel and Burak Deniz. Some of the common messages include “I fell in love with this series,” “Leila is the best character of this season,” and “Hande Erchel fits this role perfectly.”

A Mix of Reviews

While many viewers were impressed by the story and the couple’s chemistry, there were also some criticisms. One notable critic, Armaghan Chalian, expressed dissatisfaction with the plot and the acting of other actors. However, overall, the series has received positive feedback for its quality and strong storyline.

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